Monday, 13 January 2014

What's in My Bag?

Just a little post about what’s currently in my handbag. I bought a new bag from Primark a few weeks ago for a lovely £6 and although it’s quite small it makes room for all of my daily essentials.

Before I leave the house I try to do a mental check, “Phone. Keys. Money.”, most of those lay about my bag loose and I’m awful at putting change away so I’ll normally find a cheeky tenner when I least expect it. Other than the basics I’ll grab makeup before I leave so I can do touch ups during the day – usually concealer, eyeliner, a lippy and lipbalm. It’s not very often I’ll actually touch up my makeup, I think it’s more of a comfort knowing it’s there if I need to (vain, I know).

Dental sticks, a hair clip and a few rings that I’ve thrown off, also often gather in my bag. In order to (desperately try to) improve my organisational skills I carry around a little handbag sized diary which is handy to jot down university deadlines and work rotas. 

Bag, £6, Primark | Jacket, £20, Primark (eBay) | Top, £18,Topshop

In reality I’d love to carry my whole bedroom around with me but I doubt I’d ever find a handbag big enough!




  1. i love these kinds of posts!
    gorgeous bag as well

  2. Love your bag! Such an organised one to aha :) xx

  3. Love that bag! I need to look around for a new one soon.


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