Sunday, 23 March 2014


This month's Glossybox is the Beauty Blossom edition and although it's only my second, I was a little disappointed during the big reveal! The idea behind 'Beauty Blossom' is to get us ready for Spring and allow us to update our makeup bags for the months ahead.

The products this month were quite small and compared to February's Glossybox the box looked a little bare! The total RRP value for this box totalled approximately £28 which is also the same as last month - maybe there's a theme going on here? Here's a list of what I received...

  • Mitchell and Peach English Growers Body Cream - I found the packaging for this body cream to be plain and thought it would be quite cheap to buy because I hadn't heard of the brand name before, but oh was I wrong. The 40ml sample I received works out to be worth £8 and the full size product will set you back £36 for 180ml. Although this cream did leave my skin feeling softer I couldn't get past the smell - I found the smell quite masculine and heavy even though it's said to contain honey, organic cocoa and shea butter. Purely because of the smell and price I won't be purchasing this product!

  • Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish in Chocolate Kiss 948 - I don't normally wear tinted lip balms because I prefer matte lipsticks and pencils, but I was curious to try this product. I was a bit disappointed with the brown shade I received as I don't find it to be that flattering on me, but they're available in 8 other colours. Bare Minimum and Perfect Plum are just two shades that I'd be interested in buying especially as they're only £4.49 each and are perfect for throwing into your handbag for lippy on the go. They smell of shea butter and contain SPF15 and Vitamin E to keep moisture locked in all day.

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Shimmer Powder in Penny - I normally try to avoid loose eyeshadows because I find them to be quite messy but Bellapierre have provided an inner lid to act like a sieve which helps avoid nasty spills. On the other hand, I did find that the inner lid made it difficult for me to get powder out but I think this is because it's full and packed at the minute. I was very happy when I received Penny because I hardly ever stray from gold/brown eyeshadows but they also come in a vast amount of different shades. They're shimmer powders are also recommended by dermatologists which is good news for girls who have sensitive skin! RRP £12.99

  • Juicy Couture Malibu Collection Eau de Toilette Samples - I used to wear Nina Ricci religiously until my bottle ran dry so I've been on the hunt for something new. The Juicy Couture Malibu collection screams summer and Glossybox describes it as the scent of 'sparkly fruit and sensuous blossom'. I can't bring myself to choose between the Juicy Couture or Couture La La version but they both smell devine! RRP £46.50 for 75ml

  • Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot - I've had good experiences with Dove hair care in the past and I'll often use their body wash, so I was excited to try this. The shots retail at £1.49 which is an absolute bargain when it comes to giving you hair an intensive treatment. I regularly use heat on my hair and the ends are bleached and completely over processed, so this was exactly what I needed. I made sure to avoid the roots as they're prone to get oily and concentrated on my ends - the results were great and my hair felt and looked much better for it! I'll definitely be buying a few more of these.

L to R - Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Penny, Sleek Pout Polish in Chocolate Kiss, and Mitchell and Peach English Growers Body Cream.

Did you receive a Glossybox this month?



Thursday, 20 March 2014


I'm trying to be a little kinder to my skin and although I'm not a skincare expert I've come up with a new night time routine to stick to - even if I don't always commit. Really who has time to take their makeup off in between the taxi home and takeaway in bed on a night out? However, I can't remember the last time I've had a break out since using these products and my skin's appearance has definitely improved.

Johnson's Dreamy Skin Night Facial Cleansing Wipes - At night I'm usually too sleepy (or lazy) to use a facial wash and reach for the next best thing - wipes. I had been using Johnson's sensitive baby wipes to remove any makeup before bed up until my friend Lauren recommended their dreamy skin night wipes. They're still gentle enough for my sensitive skin (and around the eye area) and are enriched with a relaxing moonflower aroma that I can't get enough of, so calming before bed. You get 25 wipes per packet and they retail at £3.05 from Superdrug but I was able to get them cheaper from my local Savers. The wipes themselves are very strong and I only need 1 to do my whole face.

Pure Eye Makeup Remover Pads - I picked these up in my local Savers during the same time I bought Johnson's Dreamy Skin wipes. I find it difficult to remove all of my eye makeup especially after a night out when my eyelash glue seemingly doesn't want to budge so these are right up my street. These time-saving wipes scrap the need for cotton balls and cleansers and although they're a cheap brand I see Pure skincare everywhere. They're gentle on the eyes and promise to remove even waterproof mascara.

Alcon Tears Naturale Eye Drops - I'm not exactly sure where these were bought from, I pinched these drops off my mum! I sometimes suffer from a watery eye which usually seems to play up when I'm headed on a night out. The outer corner of my eye will water, become red, sore, and refuse to have any makeup stuck to it - nightmare! Putting eye drops into a watery eye seemed like the last thing to do until I discovered why they water. I read online that dry eyes tend to water because they need moisture, and when I use eye drops regularly they behave. I've also noticed that when I use drops daily my eyes tend to look brighter, I use kohl eyeliner on my waterline daily and like to think the drops keep them healthy.

Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser - I swear by this moisturiser, I won't use anything other than this morning and night. I've never had a problem with any other makeup or skin care products breaking me out, apart from moisturiser. I've tried and tested so many moisturisers trying to find something that won't leave me covered in spots and Freederm is the only one that my skin agrees with. It's 100% oil free and specially formulated for spot prone skin. I'm only 20 so I suppose I'm nearer the teenage side of skincare, let's just hope I'm not still using this in another 10 years. Freederm, feel free to bring out an anti-aging, spot fighting moisturiser thanks!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - As well as Freederm's moisturiser I've mentioned this in a previous skincare post. If you haven't heard of Soap & Glory you've definietly been living under a rock. Their products smell amazing and work wonders on your skin. I'm prone to dry skin on the tops of my arms but I've been moisturising daily and have noticed a real improvement, hopefully I'm a few weeks away from baby soft skin! 

You can read my previous skin care post with swatches here.


Have you tried any of these products? What's your night-time routine?



Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I've had my eye on these two beauties for a while now and they're definitely coming my way next pay day! This pay day I did a little impulse buying and bought the Savannah Cold Shoulder Dress in Oxblood to wear to my friend's birthday. I'll usually Google Image outfits before buying them to get an idea what they look like off the model and on other bloggers - I spotted Laura Whitemore in a few of the Savannah dresses and was instantly sold!

I'm all about stripes at the minute, especially nautical ones so I can almost hear this oversized dress call my name. As well as Motel I've noticed that Topshop have some great stripey pieces in store right now. Motel's Andrea skirt has also managed to make it's way onto my wishlist after spotting it on Sammi from Beauty Crush! It's definitely a skirt that can take you from day to night.




Friday, 14 March 2014


Straight out of East London, Oh My Love have released their latest lookbook featuring key basics that every girl needs. I'm all about the basics and especially love black and grey - I'm not much of a colour lover - plus the model reminds me of Sammi from Beauty Crush meaning I must have everything. Please.

Shop the lookbook and check out more shots here.


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