Thursday, 1 May 2014


When both payday and student-loan-day happen to fall on the same weekend, what better excuse is there to go shopping? Yesterday my two friends and I decided to take advantage of StenaLine's Day Trips and bagged a return to Glasgow for a tenner each! The day trip involved waking up at 5am (worth it) and spending a total of 10 hours travelling either side, but given a few bus naps and being able to grab food with our home girl studying at Glasgow, it was such a fun day. The only downside was that there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to visit every shop in Glasgow (weh!).

For lunch we stopped off at Austrailian bar Walkabout on Renfield Street (peri peri chicken is a winner) and refueled before tackling more shops! I had my first trip to Forever 21 and Glasgow's 3 story store certainly didn't disappoint (below).

Shoe heaven in Forever 21

Picked up one of these bad boys and could smell it the whole way home!
Mightttt have picked up some Hayden jeans!
"I'll take one of everything please"
I tried to be as best behaved as I could considering the huge temptation to spend every penny I owned. This was my first trip to Glasgow and I definitely hope it won't be my last. Look out for a haul to follow..



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