Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I'm a sucker for a cat eye, but who isn't? For a while now I had just been using a kohl pencil on my lid, but thought that the colour wasn't strong enough. I then came across Soap & Glory's Supercat which just so happens to be blacker than black and super intense. The eyeliner is almost like a felt tip and it's very easy to use - the dense tip gives me enough control to get right up against my lashline without causing havoc.

I'd definitely recommend Supercat if you're an eyeliner beginner or just not a confident 'flicker'. Other eyeliners I've experimented with tend to have longer applicators that aren't stiff enough to guarantee perfect precision each time. I've also had experience with liners flaking but this stuff will last you all day and isn't the slightest bit drying.

If you find it difficult to apply liner it can be easier to go step-by-step, repeating each part alternatively on each eye so as to keep things symmetrical. You can also practice your liner with a pencil first getting your basic shape, and then apply a liquid over the top if you're nervous. Also, if you're not sure of what shape to follow, simply imagine the curve of your lower lashline continuing on and the same angle - easy! Oh, did I forget to mention that it's only £6. I know, amazing right?

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Soap & Glory 'Supercat' is my new go-to liquid eyeliner. Read all about it in my next post! Bolder than bold. 

Monday, 16 March 2015


It's not very often that I'll buy from the Topshop makeup range - the main reason being that my local store's beauty stock is limited. However, I've fallen in love with their eyebrow pencil which I originally bought in Glasgow, and was able to collect it at my nearest branch. Gold medal for anyone who manages to order only one item from the Topshop website!

I can't remember the original shade of the eyebrow pencil I purchased in Glasgow - it's slightly lighter than the one I received, but although I've recently went blonde I just can't part with brunette brows. The brow pencil glides on effortlessly without tugging and comes with a handy spool to tame any runaway hairs.

Another item I couldn't resist buying was the Chameleon Glow in 'Wax + Wane' (described as a purple) which just so happens to be the most pigmented eyeshadow I've ever seen! It's dualchromatic so it appears two different colours, depending on the light - a little two much for day wear but great for night. For maximum effect it should be patted on the lid with a damp, flat, eyeshadow brush.

Lastly, although I'm more of a lip-liner-gal, I ordered Lips in Sashay Away, a glossy deep brown shade. Again, this lipstick is highly pigmented and a bargain at £8. I didn't realise how great Topshop lipsticks actually are - I can't wait to experiment with more colours. I recently used this lipstick and Topshop's eyebrow pencil on my sister, if you follow me on Instagram you can see it here.

Any other Topshop beauty products I should try?


Sunday, 8 March 2015



GYPSY ROSE LEE by thebeautydrawer featuring tassel sandals

This Bershka dress was featured on the lovely 'She Wears Fashion' blog on the same night I noticed these gorgeous tan heels from Missguided - queue instant bohemian summer vibes. I'm also in desperate need of some Alex and Ani bracelets, I love how they layer an armful on their models and I imagine this look with tons of jewellery. Give me that sun! 

Monday, 2 March 2015


I've been girl crushing over Alexa Chung recently, and more specifically her relationship with Arctic Monkeys front man, Alex Turner. I spotted her wearing the bands tee (in a photo from last July) and just had to pick up an identical version from eBay for a bargain at £4.99. Shipping them so hard right now.


Personally, I can't go on a night out without looking like I've stepped off a flight fresh from Ibiza. Having a tan is the confidence boost that comes before dutch courage - sporting a tan makes most women feel slimmer and frankly more attractive, one woman being me. I've been through my fair share of fake tan with Rimmel, St Moriz and Lauren's Way to name a few, but Vita Liberata is my new found favourite. The above photo shows the tan fully developed.

For a girl that's been loyal to £2.99 St Moriz tan for years now, it was always going to take something amazing to make me sway.  At the slightly more expensive price of £22.50 a bottle, it definitely makes up for quality. Not only does this tan look a lot more natural on me, it's also odourless before it develops, and can last up to 7 days. Depending on your skin and tan preference you may disagree, but I recommend trying before buying if you can - I experimented using my housemate's.

Like a good friend would, Lauren is demonstrating the tanning results straight after application. The tan hasn't started to develop but has already improved her colour dramatically - see first picture for full development. We experimented with the Vita Liberata mousse on her upper body but the tan was barely showing, and it had an almost green tinge to it. I much prefer lotion when it comes to tan. I find that lotion is easier to apply, especially when it comes down to tanning your back alone!

In this post I've used the 4-7 Day Tinted Tan Lotion, in Dark/Extra RichI'm no stranger to fake tan so Extra Rich (dark) is ideal for my skin, but beginners may want to start with Rich (medium). I'd love to try their darkest shade, but maybe closer to Summer. As always with any fake tan, I'd recommend exfoliating and moisturising days prior to application for baby soft skin. Unlike other brands I've seen, Vita Liberata recommend avoiding moisturiser before use but I tend to stick only to my dryest areas - knees, elbows and ankles. Happy tanning!
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