Monday, 2 March 2015


Personally, I can't go on a night out without looking like I've stepped off a flight fresh from Ibiza. Having a tan is the confidence boost that comes before dutch courage - sporting a tan makes most women feel slimmer and frankly more attractive, one woman being me. I've been through my fair share of fake tan with Rimmel, St Moriz and Lauren's Way to name a few, but Vita Liberata is my new found favourite. The above photo shows the tan fully developed.

For a girl that's been loyal to £2.99 St Moriz tan for years now, it was always going to take something amazing to make me sway.  At the slightly more expensive price of £22.50 a bottle, it definitely makes up for quality. Not only does this tan look a lot more natural on me, it's also odourless before it develops, and can last up to 7 days. Depending on your skin and tan preference you may disagree, but I recommend trying before buying if you can - I experimented using my housemate's.

Like a good friend would, Lauren is demonstrating the tanning results straight after application. The tan hasn't started to develop but has already improved her colour dramatically - see first picture for full development. We experimented with the Vita Liberata mousse on her upper body but the tan was barely showing, and it had an almost green tinge to it. I much prefer lotion when it comes to tan. I find that lotion is easier to apply, especially when it comes down to tanning your back alone!

In this post I've used the 4-7 Day Tinted Tan Lotion, in Dark/Extra RichI'm no stranger to fake tan so Extra Rich (dark) is ideal for my skin, but beginners may want to start with Rich (medium). I'd love to try their darkest shade, but maybe closer to Summer. As always with any fake tan, I'd recommend exfoliating and moisturising days prior to application for baby soft skin. Unlike other brands I've seen, Vita Liberata recommend avoiding moisturiser before use but I tend to stick only to my dryest areas - knees, elbows and ankles. Happy tanning!


  1. I'm not sure how I've only just come across your blog Hannah, but it's absolutely stunning! The layout, photography, everything... Great post too, the colour looks amazing on you, natural but tanned enough to make a big difference. Love it :)


    1. Thank you, so glad you're a fan of my blog! x


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