Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Gucci Princetown Dupe

Princetown slipper mules are everywhere, but let's face it - we don't all have £715 to give willingly to Gucci. And even if I did, the rate at which I wreck havoc with shoes is ridiculous. It was when I saw Lauren from @astyleedit feature a lookalike pair on her Instagram, that I thanked my lucky stars for alternatives out there.

After scouring online shops, I was able to track down a looky-likey from SheIn for a bargain £27.04. They did take longer than average to arrive (I think maybe a week), but the quality and comfort are perfect. Ok - they aren't leather like Gucci, and they do have a plastic-y smell when unboxing, but it vanishes in no time. They're now my favourite go-to slip on shoe.

As always with designer fashion hits, you can now find dupes for these everywhere. There are so many colour and style choices to choose from, both with and without fur. Ego and Romwe are just two other brands to stock Princetown copies. Next stop - getting my hands on some fishnet socks to style them with.

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