Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Do You Measure Up?

I've recently been trained to perform bra fittings in work, and it's been such an eye opening experience. Many women I've fitted (including myself) had been wearing the wrong size bra, many being painstakingly obvious. Different shops have different ways of measuring, and I've been taught to measure the back (just below the bust), and then use your eye for the cup. As no 2 bras are usually the same size for each brand, this allows you to get a better idea of what fits. I can't stress enough how important it is to get fitted - many places offer a free fitting service and the experience doesn't have to be embarrassing or uncomfortable for anyone.

What a lot of women aren't aware of, is that cup sizes change when back sizes do. When moving up a back size, you'll have to move down a cup. For example, if you find that a 34C is too big on the back, you're best to try a 32D, and vice versa. To ensure the bra fits you properly, I recommend leaning forward to make sure that you're completely in the cups, and always adjust the shoulder straps to ensure better support and lift. Always fit the bra in the loosest fastening - this way if the bra stretches with wear and washing, it can be tightened to give the same fit.

When looking to see if a bra fits correctly, I'll make sure that the breast isn't spilling over or leaving a gap, and that no puckering occurs on the cup. I'll also check that nothing is spilling over the sides near the underarms, and that the bra doesn't ride up at the front or back. I'll check that the customer feels supported, and that I can comfortably insert 2 fingers under the fastening at the back without too much pull. 

After being fitted correctly, I'd treated myself to this racy Freya set, and it's currently on sale via Figleaves. It's also available in a chemise, short, and separately made bra for GG+. Freya is especially suitable for busty ladies as they fit up to a K cup, but also cater for those with smaller busts, starting at a B - check out some of their cute new collections.

Also being October, it's no secret that it's breast cancer awareness month. Although this set isn't exactly pink, it's always important to get the message across. I've come across a great website that encourages people to find the signs of cancer early and therefore have a better chance at beating it. KnowYourLemons.com is an insight into how breast cancer looks, feels, and is found.


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